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Biljana Pais is vocalist, composer, producer and musician based in Berlin and working together with Guido Hieronymus

Vocals for Martina Eisenreich wonderful composition in Ein Sommer in Andalusien 2020

POPOL VUH BEYOND “ I am very happy to announce new album release of thePopol Vuh Beyond Project– REQUIEM for FLORIAN - Biljana Pais and Guido Hieronymus „Popol Vuh Beyond“ 07.10.2020

"White Tears" on BLN.FM in rotation

2019GOLDEN ISLE - produced for POPOL VUH BEYOND Project

2018 "Wildling" FRITZ BOEHM´s new Film - Premiered on SXSW 2018 Festival in Houston USA (with BEL POWLEY , LIV TYLER , BRAD DOURIF u.a.) Producer Trudie Styler - Biljana Pais Vocals

2018 udoq ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK - Vocals

2017 DJ Colaboration and Single Release "Be with You"

2016 winner of the ONEBEAT SampleSlam DJ competition in Kantine am Berghain

2008 Air Remix All I need Nr 1 for four weeks In Belgrade Radio Studio B

2008 Like a Flower“ Single Release - for 6 weeks Nummer 1 on Studio B Belgrade - Soundtrack for english movie Emmotional Backgammon

2007 Mit Guido Hieronymus und Kay Hoffman recorded Audiobook „Get High Fiona: Nietzsche Projekt“

2006 She sang, composed und co-produced „Leaving Chuck's Zimmer“ with Wolf Wondratschek Poems , with NOTWIST Perkussionisten SAAM SCHLAMMINGER and Guido Hieronymus.

1998 was member of a project called DHAAL with ROBERTO DI GIOIA( Pianist in MAX HERRE band ), AZHAR KAMAL and GUIDO HIERONYMUS( member of a POPOL VUH Cult band ) .

1994 Biljana Pais was background singer for Pop Diva GLORIA GAYNOR on her Tour through Germany and France