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Biljana Pais is vocalist, composer, producer and musician based in Berlin .

POPOL VUH BEYOND “ I am very happy to announce new album release of the band Popol Vuh beyond – Frank Fiedler, Biljana Pais and Guido Hieronymus „Popol Vuh Beyond“

"White Tears" on BLN.FM in rotation ( we changed the name of the song to UNDER THOSE HIGH WAVES )

2019GOLDEN ISLE - produced for POPOL VUH BEYOND Project

2018 "Wildling" FRITZ BOEHM´s new Film - Premiered on SXSW 2018 Festival in Houston USA (with BEL POWLEY , LIV TYLER , BRAD DOURIF u.a.) Producer Trudie Styler - Biljana Pais Vocals

2018 udoq ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK - Vocals

2017 DJ Colaboration und Single Release "Be with You"

2016 winner of the ONEBEAT SampleSlam DJ competion in Kantine am Berghain

2008 Air Remix All I need Nr 1 for four weeks In Belgrade Radio Studio B

2008 Like a Flower“ Single Release - for 6 weeks Nummer 1 on Studio B Belgrade - Soundtrack for english movie Emmotional Backgammon

2007 Mit Guido Hieronymus und Kay Hoffman recorded Audiobook „Get High Fiona: Nietzsche Projekt“

2006 She sang, composed und co-produced „Leaving Chuck's Zimmer“ with Wolf Wondratschek Poems , with NOTWIST Perkussionisten SAAM SCHLAMMINGER and Guido Hieronymus.

1998 was member of a project called DHAAL with ROBERTO DI GIOIA( Pianist in MAX HERRE band ), AZHAR KAMAL and GUIDO HIERONYMUS( member of a POPOL VUH Cult band ) .

1994 Biljana Pais was background singer for Pop Diva GLORIA GAYNOR on her Tour through Germany and France